Monday, 1 July 2013

5 ways of saving money on batteries

Batteries are expensive and often don't seem to last long. They have to be recycled and are not always one of the items routinely collected with the recycling collection which can mean having to remember to take them to a recycling centre.

So, how to reduce spending on batteries?

  • Reducing battery usage. I guess that many of us have suffered from noisy battery powered toys.The older I get, the more I prefer a few, quiet toys.
  • Changing to wind-up torches.
  • We have found that batteries which no longer power cameras can still run a clock for several months.
  • Buying the most efficient batteries. Middle Son found this site which has information and graphs about how long batteries last and cost per Amp hour.The results are surprising. It is worth just checking current prices. Middle Son went over some of these and said that he found the best value result to be slightly different now.
  • Using rechargeables. We've never had much success with these as they don't seem to work more than  another charge or two. It would be fascinating to know how other people have found rechargeable batteries.
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  1. We use rechargeables for just about everything. We spent a bit extra on good quality ones and they seem to last at least 2-3 years before they start to work less well. It is important to run them down and charge them up fully though.

    1. We should probably try again with good quality rechargeables.

  2. We usually stock up on them when they are on sale. We use them a lot when we go camping.

    1. Odd thing is that I don't think I've seen them on sale in the UK.