Thursday, 4 July 2013

July Inspiration

Summer has come!

We have just reached our summer break. The last few days of formal learning are a time for something a bit different and this maths game about positive and negative numbers, in the guise of sandbags and hot air for ballooning, fitted the bill. It was also something that my 12 year old and 6 year old could play together.

My younger children and I were able to meet Judith Kerr recently. Judith Kerr is known for her book The tiger who came to tea, the Mog series and When Hitler stole the pink rabbit although there are other books. I enjoyed this article about this remarkable nonagenarian.

More about books,this review is of one of our favourite picture books, Mama Panya's pancakes.

We have a time of Bible memorisation but it often seems to take a long time to learn very little. I was inspired by this article from In the nursery of the Nation to see whether we can learn more. Don't forget to read to the end!

We are friendly with another family of home educators whose daughter has just started a new cookery blog. We tried the white chocolate, pecan and smoked sea salt cookies-yum!

In this house, formal education doesn't go on all year round although we definitely have some summer goals, mainly of a rather informal nature. Raising Olives has a post about their summer schedule-they educate year round but it is impressive. Any other year round educators? It certainly has appeal although wouldn't work for our circumstances.


  1. I find that my children have a Bible text memorized long before I do. So maybe they know it already and you don't.

    For me, it's partly because I'm 'old' and partly because I am quite familiar with the entire Bible in a different version; having the words mixed up makes it much harder for me to memorize. I think that when the kids leave home, I'll switch back to the RSV. Maybe.

    We don't homeschool year round; we garden too and that would make it too busy. Besides, we work very hard when we homeschool, and we all need a serious break by then.

  2. I dont think working all year round is a good idea because your children will feel sad. :-(

    1. And that is why we don't work all year round!