Friday, 26 July 2013

Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle, near Lamberhurst in Kent, is an eclectic place with a moated, mediaeval, partly ruined castle and a nineteenth century manor. My memories of it as a child were only of the ruined castle as the manor wasn't open to the public. The property had been gifted to the  National Trust by the Hussey family and Betty Hussey was still living in the house, with some apartments let out to others, including Margaret Thatcher. Betty Hussey died in 2006 and now the house, Scotney New Castle, is also open.

Younger Daughter had been asking to visit a castle so this definitely fitted the bill.

This is the old moated castle.

The walled garden was a treat for me.

Plates were used to mark the rows; an ingenious idea although I think ours are needed for other purposes.

I'm looking into growing brassicas.

The best part though, especially for Youngest Son, was the den building. The National Trust produced a challenge called 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4 and this area was to support this as den building is one of the 50 things. This was an area in woodland and precipitated building of a den with seats, kitchen equipment, food, pretend fire, spears and musical instruments; all made out of wood.
This structure is the bear and mouse trap.

A day out with plenty of space and some history-definitely a winner here.


  1. We visited Scotney Castle about a year ago. Loved it!

    1. I wondered why I hadn't taken the children there before.

  2. I remember when we visited some castles when visiting England as a child. I don't think it is anything we will be doing any time soon, or ever again really. I do miss being able to go to England and see such sights though. I don't know what castles we may have visited and I am curious where exactly this is. My mom grew up in Kent. I believe I remember writing Maidstone Kent on letters going to family in England.
    Curious now.

    1. Scotney isn't so far from Maidstone. I've just looked it up and the journey would take just over half an hour in a car. Scotney is just south of Tonbridge Wells. You may well have visited Bodiam as well.

      There are a fair few castles around: Dover and Rochester are also in Kent. There are photos of both on here. I hope that you will be able to visit again sometime.