Thursday 6 June 2013

June Inspiration

We are enjoying the kittens and the recent sunshine.

Whilst here, in the UK, most of us haven't finished for the summer, this is the time for thinking about curriculum for next year. Growing home has a thoughtful post about why curriculum choice might not matter as much as we think it does.

Frugality seems important to almost everyone, at present. Claire, at Angelicscalliwags, who is a constant source of inspiration, is writing a weekly series about trying to pay off their mortgage. This is full of ideas and has links to sites and books. 

On the subject of frugality, this is a useful post about making vegetable broth, or stock. We've made our own chicken stock for a while but that never provides enough stock for all the soup we make so this came in useful. Having made the broth as described, today, I've experimented with making this in the slow cooker. Yes, I cheated and didn't use organic vegetables but well washed ordinary ones. 

After I had written my post about being an older mother, I found this reflection about being a new Dad at 47.

My son told me about this fascinating demonstration of pyrex disappearing. We tried this and it worked! All to do with refraction.

We placed this pyrex dish in a larger pyrex dish full of vegetable oil.

Picture from above the dish, looking through the oil onto the grainy appearance worksurface. The pyrex dish is to the right of the spoon.

I love the way that it is easy to explore facets of science with everyday objects. There are more science ideas on my home science board on Pinterest.


  1. Thank you for your kind words and for including me in your round up!
    Your experiment is amazing. I'd never heard of it before, I know my son will enjoy it!

    1. Thank you. I hadn't heard of this before either but it was quite dramatic. I was tipping the oil through a funnel and forgot that there was a dish in in until one of the children alerted me!