Friday 25 January 2013

Home educating in the UK

No one really knows how many children are home educated in the UK. Estimates suggest around 60000. Home education is chosen for many reasons: faith, disaffection with the State system, bullying, difficulty finding suitable schools... 

I'm writing over at The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew blog today about home educating in the United Kingdom. Pop over there to read the rest of the article and about home education in other countries.

Welcome to visitors from the Old Schoolhouse Review blog. There is more about home education in the UK in these posts:

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  1. Great article! The field trip opportunities--that's my favorite thing about home educating here! I would disagree with one thing in your post, though. You said the weather in the UK is rarely bad enough to avoid going outside. You live in the south. ;)

  2. Debbie, that made me laugh. Yes, London is quite mild!

  3. Oh you two are so funny! I would love to come and homeschool in the UK for a year. I am kind of hoping my hubby could do a job swop one day :) I agree with you about your rich history. I am not sure I could live with your weather though!

  4. Chareen, you could have an amazing year of history. I was looking at Tudor places recently and we are spoilt for choice.

  5. Love the picture of global homeschooling! Thank you for an interesting article. Fellow Crew member ; )

  6. Just read your article, great job. We love home edding here and will miss it when we have to return to the states. While I am Lutheran, I find it rather nice to be able to belong to groups that have no religious stance. I know that sounds weird but I have been kicked out of groups for not being Christian enough for them, whatever that means I like that in England religion isn't quite so in your face and oppressive, but that could be just because of my experiences from living in the states.

    1. Home education here seems very different to in the US. Even just the term "home education" as opposed to "home schooling". I guess that the smaller groups here are more informal than the large US groups.