Friday 18 January 2013

Snow in London

Today we had snow. London shuts down in the snow and we had the big outside almost to ourselves. There was just enough snow to enjoy although a promise of more to come.

Just a sprinkling on trees
 and people

 Enough for snow angels but not really for snowmen.

The ducks waddled on ice so thin that it was broken by  little snow balls.

Just the right amount of snow for me although the children would like more!


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Isn't the snow just beautiful? We are also loving our snowy days this week! I thought I would post my reply to your question about a geography curriculum here - although I have also replied on my blog's comment form :o)

    we are using Ann Voskamp's 'A Child's Geography: Exploring the Holy Land' this year. This is the second in a series of two. We used her 'A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth' last year. I can highly recommend both these books. They are written from a Christian perspective, and are living books. They have lots of suggestions for activities and further exploration.

    X Shirley

  2. Shirley, thank you. That is helpful.

  3. You're children got their wish! We're smothered here (just outside London). I think I've mopped my kitchen floor at least ten times and it's only 10 in the morning! Help!

  4. Claire, we haven't had more snow yet although the sky has a very snowy look! Snow makes such a mess on floors!

  5. Such fun! When we lived near Amsterdam, we once got that much snow and made a snowman in a park. When we returned after lunch it was gone! Someone had stolen it!

    I answered your question about skills and crafts on my blog, but decided to post it here as well:

    We only started this a few years ago, but it could work from a very young age. I remember the very first skill for one of my children was to touch the bottom of the pool. I wondered about allowing that, but then realized it was a big challenge for her and a useful skill, so why not?

    The only guidance I give is that it has to be something that’s a challenge for them and that has intrinsic worth of some sort. Our children have done so many things: computer work, cooking, baking, chocolate making, yarn crafts, animal skills, outdoor skills, javelin throwing, skiing, knot-tying….

    My goal is to have the children stretch themselves a little bit every week and develop their interests.

  6. Annie Kate,
    I've never heard for anyone stealing a snowman before! Mean.

    Thank you for your answer about the skills and crafts-that is really useful. Something that I need to think about and like the idea of implementing.