Friday 11 January 2013

Home education in January

This was our first week back after the New Year. Not quite true, as Younger Daughter decided that she really wanted to start last week and had been doing a little each day. The younger two have never been to school and don't really get the concept of terms. Long may it last! 

There is a bit of sadness here, too, as Older Son prepares to go back to university. Part of growing up but we miss him.

Younger Daughter had an exciting trip with my husband to the Tower of London. She loves history so this was eagerly awaited. It is exciting that there are so many great sites to see in London. 

She and Youngest Son also decided that they wanted to draw trees  on a very cold day! It is good to be out even on the coldest of days.
 Drawing led to discussions about rough/smooth bark.

In our home school, I'm doing so much reading aloud. Picture books, Heidi to Younger Daughter and The Sprig of Broom officially to Middle Son but Younger Daughter was keen to get in on this after all it is set in Tudor times! The Sprig of Broom is part of the Mantlemass chronicles by Barbara Willard which are historical fiction set in Sussex. I read some of these books as a child but this is the first that I have read as an adult. A fascinating read and well crafted book; now to find the rest of the series.

Our home education group, this week, looked at the Tudors. The children were given parts as Henry VIII, his wives and children. This was much appreciated although Younger Daughter wasn't quite sure about being Anne of Cleves-I thought she got off lightly!

I'm working on geography books for Middle Son. This seems difficult- we've done a fair number of unit studies of countries, tried some rather uninspired UK curriculum books and now I'm looking for something that will stretch him a bit more than my unit studies. Perhaps, learning to to develop better unit studies although I'm also looking at some books. I'm not at all sure-any thoughts are very gratefully received.

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  1. What a great history field trip! I can't imagine seeing all the historic sites there in London. It would be a thrill for us, too.

    I'm your newest follower from the Crew. =0)