Monday 4 February 2013

February inspiration

February isn't exactly my favourite month so this article, by  Unlikely Homeschool, called Dear Homeschool Momma frozen by winter was right up my street.

The Five in a Row blog has a useful article about following the interests of bright little ones rather than rushing them into reading.

Se7en blogged about their home school day. Holistic learning-something to which we aspire. I must say that volcanoes and honeycomb making in the kitchen in free time, last week,seemed vaguely in the right direction!

Sarah Avilla at My joy filled life has a thoughtful post about talking to children about dying. I'm not familiar with any of the books that she recommends but the points she makes are helpful.

I hadn't heard of the Polar Scott Museum before but now it is on our "to do" list. Thank you to Life's Adventures.

Homeschooling hearts and minds has an amazing list for reference with 37 free on line art and music resources-definitely one to bookmark or pin.


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