Thursday 14 February 2013

Free education resources

There are hundreds and maybe thousands of free education resources on the internet.

This is to point out what we actually use.

Seterra is a geography programme. It can be used on-line or downloaded. We've now taken the download option as that allows scores to be recorded. Middle Son and I both play usually using maps linked to topics that Middle Son is studying. I've found this highlights the poverty of my geographical knowledge!

Starfall is about phonics. It has rather catchy, too catchy, little ditties about the sounds. It also has stories and games. I suspect that it is possible to manage the games with little in the way of reading skills but the phonics section has been a useful adjunct.

Bible Road Trek by Danika Cooley is a three year Bible survey written at four different levels. We don't do everything mentioned and could easily cycle round again at greater depth. Bible Road Trek is new this year so I haven't seen the latter parts of the series and we also haven't used the notebooking pages which are very, very new.

The BBC schools typing programme has been a real hit with Younger Daughter. It does have records that smash when typing has been done correctly.

Do you have any free home education programmes that you use from day to day in your family?

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  1. Thank you for these links :) I like finding things for free on the www

    PS I have nominated you for: The Homeschool Blogging Liebster Award

  2. Thanks for these, Sarah. I'm going to look up the BBC typing link. Our wee guy does some typing every day, but I've found it difficult to find a teaching programme that suitable for his age, isn't too boring, but actually teaches typing.

  3. We love Seterra, and my youngest really enjoyed Starfall as well, but I've never heard of the BBC typing program.

    The BBC has a lot of interesting programs. It's our go-to resource for movies like Shakespeare, Dickens, and the wonderful historical farm series like War Time Farm. We get the movies either from YouTube or our local library.

  4. Thanks for the really useful info on free Internet resources. I had a look at Seterra and found a link to lots of other free sites that I might not have found.