Tuesday 26 February 2013

Two times table

With shoes, some of which need cleaning,

and two pence pieces.

I wondered about pairs of socks or knives and forks next. Any ideas?


  1. Hi Sarah!

    How about hand and footprints? (You may want a dry day!) Dip hands or feet in paint, and see how many pairs of hand/foot prints you can make before you can't see them anymore!

    How many 'twos' can you find on your body? Ears, eyes, hands, arms, right and left brain lobes, lungs, etc etc. You can do this with a print out anatomy picture, and then make the sums. I imagine cut-outs hung on a string could be good for counting the 'twos' too! (Ditto the hand/foot prints)

    Bible story - Noah's ark - but you've probably already done this. Also, God's covenant with Abraham - the sacrifices bit!

    Adapt the game of snap - just keep the pairs, instead of all the cards in the pile.

    Matching animal/ whatever cards, again, keep the pairs for scoring.

    There's loads more if you want them! Have fun!

    Ali x x x

    1. Wow, thank you. I like the twos in the body. We must try the footprints-there is someone here who would really like that.

  2. The socks wouldn't work for me ... only singles come out of the tumble drier ;)

    1. I had just brought the children new socks so it might work for a few days. We usually have an astonishing number of odd socks! Might cause some confusion with tables.