Monday 9 December 2013

Best books of 2013

These books are divided into my own reading and read alouds. The books that I read aloud are mainly to my seven year old daughter and a few for my five year old son.

Here are the top five in each category for this past year.

My reading-a rather eclectic selection!

Renee of France Simonetta Carr

Bleak House Charles Dickens

Dyslexia 101-truths, myths and what really works Marianne Sutherland

The well trained mind Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise

The Irish Puritans:James Ussher and the reformation of the church Crawford Gribben

Read alouds

Milly Molly Mandy and Co Joyce Lankester Brisley

Charlotte's web E.B. White

The railway children E.Nesbit

The good news must out Rebecca Davis

Heidi Joanna Spyri

It struck me that half of these books are classics which have stood the test of time and can be obtained from the library or second hand. 

My own reading tends to be a mix of longer books and easier books, often children's books. My excuse is that I'm checking them for suitability but often they are a pleasure to read. Does anyone else need a few "easy" books for relaxation?


  1. We really enjoyed Charlotte's web too. My children are getting to the age when they love to cuddle up and read chapter books so I will definitely be doing it more this next year. Was just wondering, do you watch the DVD's after you have read the book or not?

    1. We don't usually watch the DVD although I'm thinking that we really must get the Railway Children. The exception to this was Bleak House which I watched with my 13 year old. The seven year old loved this too although the plot needed some explanation! I don't think that she would have managed me reading the book aloud.

  2. I've linked to your list and taken the liberty of recommending a couple of books that you might want to consider for future reading, at my blog Semicolon:
    Merry Christmas, and Happy Reading!