Wednesday 4 December 2013

December Inspiration

I can't quite believe that it is December but the dark afternoons remind me that it is real. The children are hoping for some of this stuff. It is coldish, about 2C this evening, but so far there is no snow.

This month, Kirsty at Young Hosannas is blogging a Christmas children's craft activity each day. I particularly like the Bible verse but the clay stars are also on my to do list.

Frog Academy is a new-to-me Christian UK home education blogger. I'm particularly enjoying the art-this is the Mondrian post. I have a post with links to Christian UK home education bloggers here.

More on art, Se7en have a post about Monet with an interesting chalk pastel technique which could be used to learn about symmetry as well as art. Very convenient as we've are working on symmetry, at present.

International Pisa testing has been in the news recently, particularly, as the UK has shown no improvement. This BBC article gives an overview of the tests and a chance to try the maths test-have a go, it isn't bad!

Last, Middle Son showed me this amazing photograph, apparently, the largest in the world. It is a 360 degree view of London and a fascinating way to look at the city. We've enjoyed focusing on the detail: the plants in roof gardens and the sport being played. A great virtual way to explore.

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