Monday 23 December 2013

Making an Ice Bowl

We recently made a rectangular ice bowl.

 Younger Daughter had borrowed The girls' book of crafts and activities, published by DK, from the library which contains instructions for making an ice bowl. 

This require two plastic bowls which I don't possess. I wasn't willing to let my china or Pyrex bowls be sacrificed in the cause of education although we did talk about how the expansion that occurs when ice is formed might cause them to break. Instead of using bowls, we decided to use plastic rectangular freezer containers.

We used two containers-one larger than the other. First we put a couple of centimetres of water in the base of the larger container and froze this.

The second tub was put inside the first and taped in place.

The gap between the two containers was filled with water, rosemary, mint leaves and some late rose petals.

Both containers were frozen. The next day, the containers were removed.

 Don't let your four year old lick the ice bowl-just saying but it might lead to an emergency application of water to the bowl and tongue. This does lead to some quite dramatic cracking sounds!

If this wasn't being made for educational purposes and not handled and tasted after manufacture, it could be used to serve ice cream!

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