Monday 3 February 2014

February Inspiration

The days are getting longer, I'm reading the children Wordsworth's poem about Daffodils-in hope and perhaps Spring is coming.

As a child, I often attended a chapel where the hymns were sung unaccompanied. It was a pleasure to find this website with Psalms from the Scottish Metrical Psalter of 1650 sung acapella. Many of these tunes are the same that we used to sing the hymns from Gadsby's hymnbook.

Here, in the UK, there is a push to get two year olds into formal education. One of my children went to nursery aged two and half. My thoughts on education have changed since then! Crystal Starr, who used to work in early childhood education, offers a perspective from the US where very early education is also being touted.

I've been talking about parts of speech with my younger children and so was pleased to find these activities from Frugal Fun for Boys. This fitted in well with what I was hoping to do this week so we've already had a go at these fun activities. 

One of my all time most popular posts is on UK Christian Home Education bloggers. The title of this has been changed and it is now 16 UK Christian Home Education bloggers with the addition of the Home Education Novice blog. Kondwani writes thoughtfully about issues facing parents striving to bring up children "in the nuture and admonition of the Lord." I've found myself going back to her blog to read and think over the last few days.

It was from Home Education Novice that I found a link to the Civitas Core Knowledge curriculum. This has a fascinating overview of the curriculum with suggestions for read alouds and poetry in the English section as well as suggestions for art, sculpture and buildings to discuss. A fascinating resource for dipping into for ideas.

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