Thursday 13 February 2014

Georgian London

Yesterday afternoon was forecast to be rainy so I hadn't expected that we would be able to go far but it was unexpectedly sunny. We jumped at the chance to see a part of Georgian London. The younger children have been doing some work on the Georgians but the weather has mainly prevented trips-until now!

We went to see Georgian London. 

First, to Kennington Park which is part of the old Kennington Common where George Whitefield preached to thousands, in the open air. I'm not at all clear quite where on the Common, Whitefield preached. Part of the Common is now under housing so knowing the actual site might not be really helpful. Still, one can imagine the crowds.

London has some beautiful Georgian squares. We visited one in Kennington before returning to the delights of the Park.

I'm no architect but we talked about symmetry, railings and absence of bay windows. Of course, not all the railings are left as many disappeared for the war effort in the Second World War.

Of course, the sheer joy of being outside on a Spring day was the major attraction.

I'm hoping that this is the first of many fine days for trips!

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  1. It looks like a lovely day. I am glad that you were able to get out and enjoy the weather. I have been thinking of you today and praying for you.

  2. Thank you, Beth-that is appreciated. We are expecting Grandma home from hospital, today, although 11am has now turned to gone 4pm and we are still waiting! I suspect this weekend may be complicated! We have a half term break from home education, next week, which may prove very useful although I do hope to get the children out on a day trip.

    1. Thanks for the update -- praying that the weekend will be a restful one for you. I hope that the term break next week will be a help. I will be continuing to pray.

  3. I am praying, too, Sarah. God bless and protect your whole family.