Monday 16 June 2014

June Inspiration

So far, June in London has been mixed with some cold rainy days as well as beautiful warm weather. I don't mind too much as we have almost another month to go before we finish for the summer. State schools have another six weeks or so.

We have actually just started a new art programme, Artistic Pursuits. This has been a great success. I suspect a box of new art supplies helped too but we do like the book. We are using the K-3 book 1. The Schoolhouse Crew reviewed the books recently. I wasn't on this review but it did influence my decision! We bought our book from Conquest Books.

We have had a bit of an art fest here.

Sometimes, a post can energise me and provides ideas. This post from Raising Olives is full of ideas. In some ways a bit overwhelming but taken an idea at a time, helpful.

I have posted previously about teaching science in a home education group. We have finished the book that we were using so have taught a couple of one off sessions: the first on acids and alkalis and the latest on fluids and density. Lisa's post from an Ordinary Life fitted in well. We made a lava lamp in the session and there have been a few made at home as well. These are both quick and would make an ideal summer holiday activity.

Over the summer, I need to keep reading going for my younger children. This Reading Mama has a helpful post about helping readers grow.

Beth, at As He leads is joy, has written about being willing to waste time in education when teaching something that might not be useful in the future. She writes specifically about her daughter with special needs but there are lessons for us all. This is a thought provoking post.

We've been using a couple of exciting new pieces of curriculum which I plan to review in the near future. These are Veritas Self-Paced History and WriteShop Primary. I hope to put up posts soon about the resources that we plan to use next year.

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