Thursday, 4 December 2014

December Read Alouds

This feels like a small selection of the books that we are reading. We read several picture books each day, recently around a wintery/Christmas theme. 

Apologies about the disappearance of the reading log, for this year, from the blog. I had a sad accident with it and don't seem to be able to retrieve the data.

Anyway, we have enjoyed a couple of books to go with our current history.
Lysis goes to the play is by Caroline Dale Snedeker. This book tells the story of the efforts a boy in ancient Athens takes to go to a play. An interesting look into Athenian life and gender roles.

Alexander the Great is an old Ladybird history book. If you don't have these books and find them second hand, they are well worth buying and ideal for reading aloud as they have a colour picture and language that keeps the children's attention.

Tales of Truth: the Story of Christmas by Colin Jones is a children's book explaining about the Nativity. The children really loved this book which introduces all the characters in a clear way and points to the heart of the season. In fact, the celebration side isn't really mentioned. My reservation is that the picture of Mary and Joseph taking the Lord Jesus to the Temple does show part of a baby although not the face. 

Paddington books are the flavour of the month. We have finished A bear called Paddington and are now reading Paddington at Large. My husband has a little collection of Paddington Bear books from his childhood which arrived here almost pristine condition but look a little more battered after being either read to or read by five children.

Please share what you are reading with your children.

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