Thursday 18 December 2014

End of term in London

We had a trip out to celebrate the end of term. My younger two had never been to the Transport Museum in Covent Garden so this seemed an ideal opportunity so a winter trip.

Covent Garden was decorated for Christmas.

There were amazing Lego raindeer.

Youngest Son made some estimates of how long these would take to make: one hundred years perhaps?
Other model deer and then the Transport Museum.

This is a fantastic museum for children. There is so much to do: a list to stamp, buses and trains to climb on and tube trains to "drive".

Models for the Year of the Bus:

Real buses in the Museum:

The traffic lights work and the buttons were constantly being pushed by children.

Many London buses were sent to the First World War

 and women were recruited as conductors for the buses remaining in London. 

The children were able to dress up as bus conductors and a wall height chart was provided to see if they reached the height requirement.

Many of the interiors had models dressed in period clothes. The children found the models a bit freaky. They looked real enough until the children looked closely.

I highly recommend the London Transport Museum. It isn't free. We paid £15 for an annual pass for an adult, me. The children, being under 17, went in free. I suspect we will visit again so will make the most of the annual pass.

Do you have museums that you love to visit? Please share in the comments.

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