Monday 8 December 2014

How to make a free Christmas wreath

Younger Daughter has been very keen to make a Christmas wreath so this afternoon, we make one from some items found around the house and garden. Younger Daughter (aged 8) did most of this with a little help and guidance. Children from about four could probably help with this project.
The whole wreath took about an hour.
We paid nothing for the project although if ribbon/tinsel/ornaments were purchased then the wreath would not be free. It would probably work to substitute wool for ribbon provided that there was sufficient tinsel. Ornaments are optional and can be varied according to what is available in your house.

Items needed:
Wire coat hanger
Willow twigs (live not the snappy dead branches). I think that any creeper would probably work as well.
Short lengths of fir branches ( we used Leylandii). This might be the most difficult part if you do not have a garden or fir tree but there are plenty of Leylandii around so check with friends and family.
Ribbon (we used a length that we already had so it was a rather pinky colour rather than red but red/green/gold/silver would do well).
Tinsel (we already had some).
Optional Christmas tree decorations.

Pull the wire coat hanger into a circle.

Wind willow around the hanger so it is well covered. We didn't use anything to attach the willow and tucked the ends under other pieces of willow.

Once the hanger is covered,
wind the fir branches around the willow.
They will not wind so well and may stick out a bit. This doesn't really matter. Add fir until the willow is completely covered.

Secure the fir with ribbon.
Wrap tinsel round the wreath and decorate with tree decorations if wanted.

Tuck in any loose ends!
Hang the wreath.

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  1. So charming, what a wonderful idea to make one instead of buying one. The memories they would have from creating a special wreath would be forever.