Saturday, 20 June 2015

52 Weeks of Family Spanish

We are an English speaking family and learning other languages has often been difficult. Rather to my surprise, Older Daughter is doing a language degree, in Russian, but I think that having Russian as the second language in the house would be rather challenging! The younger children do need to learn another language and we need, some how, to create a culture of speaking in another language. Spanish seemed a reasonable choice as it has reasonable simple phonics; I studied it in school and the children know Spanish speakers from church. 

When I asked a question about creating a family culture of speaking a second language on a home education forum, someone recommended 52 Weeks of Family Spanish by Eileen McAree. 
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This is a simple book around introducing elementary Spanish to the family with ideas about how to practice phrases at meal times and in the car along with simple games. I like the idea that it also introduces a different Spanish speaking country in each section with ideas for making meals or having celebrations.

52 Weeks of Family Spanish isn't going to have you speaking at a high level but in terms of children learning simple phrases, colours, body parts, items in the home and names of rooms this seems helpful. I haven't used the book yet but plan to implement the ideas alongside more formal Spanish learning, in the next academic year. 

The book ends with a list of resources including websites, apps and podcasts which are free which is again useful, in my quest to introduce another language into our family culture.

I purchased 52 Weeks of Family Spanish as a kindle download for £3.24 although it is also available as a paperback.

Other books in this series are 52 Weeks of Family German and 52 Weeks of Family French.

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  1. We have the French version of this book, and I agree that anything that gets your family just practicing speaking another language together is helpful for the children in beginning to learn it.