Monday 1 June 2015

June Inspiration

June and we are looking forward to summer. 

The picture is wishful thinking, from last year. Today, in London was cold, windy and rainy. The children and I went to a sports day and we should have taken warm coats!

Feed a Family Oxford is about a challenge to feed a family on £100 per month. Actually, the family concerned has two adults and a young child but still this is a major achievement. At this sort of level, my family of five adults (yes, my two eldest are adults now!), a younger teenager and two children would eat on about £300 per month. We spend, including the cats, double this so this blog does make fascinating reading. What interests me is that much of the food is based around vegetable boxes which I had counted as too expensive unless on special offer. There are plenty of frugal recipes here too.

Gwen at an Island Family by grace has written an honest article about when she had major difficulties in her marriage, with some principles for managing When the wheels fall off on your life.

One of my children loves history and particularly, Tudor history so we read this post from Claire, at Angellicscalliwags, together. An Elizabethan unit study might be popular here too.

Since I wrote my updated post about UK Christian home education blogs, I have found more.

Grace to Abide is completely new to me although a well established blog. Catherine home educated in Russia and is now back in the UK and has written a recent series about home education here, comparing it with home education in Russia.

Ordinary Clare is another London based home educator. I loved her post about taking children on a day trip. 

Lizzy, a real life, as opposed to virtual, friend has just started a blog, Peaches@Home. Her post about God's Word in bringing up our children was an encouragement and a challenge.

Home Education Novice has moved to a new blog, An Abundant Adventure. Kondwani has written a post seven years after the death of her daughter called Grief 7 years later, a "wish list". Something, we all should read.

I do hope to update the post on UK Christian Home Education Blogs in the near future.

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  1. £100 per month, wow! Our food bill for a family of 4 is usually £200-250 per month. Will definitely be having a look at that site.

    1. Quite impressive. Somehow, I doubt that we will get down to similar sum, person for person but the ideas are helpful to push us in the right direction.

  2. Thank you for featuring my post Sarah- it was a bit scary to publish. I am also very interested in the Feed a Family for £100 site. We have 2 adults, 1 younger teenager and 3 children. I definitely buy food cheaply but I don't think I could do veg boxes (especially organic) for a decent cost. Will be interesting to see what I can implement from it.

    1. I guess that sometimes the most difficult posts turn out to be the most useful so glad that your family is now back together.
      I was interested in the veg boxes, too. We had some earlier in the year when we had an offer when they were less than half price but decided that they were too expensive at full price. One veg box wouldn't be enough anyway! I'm working on growing our own which is often a major saving.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my blog in your post recent post on your lovely blog. I have to say the first month of doing all the research into finding good local produce was like a full time job. But now we're in the swing of things it's much easier. Surprisingly I did find some local produce to be cheaper than Supermarkets - but it takes detective work.

    1. Thank you, Caroline. I'm sure you are right about the detective work. We are finding that our local farmers' market has a vegetable stall which is cheaper, and better quality, than the supermarkets.

  4. Thank you so much for including me! I too am interested in the £100 a month and how she manages it. Our food bill has exploded in the past year (three teens with huge appetites). I shall have to take a peek.