Monday 15 June 2015

Curriculum for Year 4

Younger Daughter will be year 4 age (grade 3) in the autumn. As home educators, we aren't tied to a particular level nor to the National Curriculum. 

This outline is really just a skeleton and doubtless, trips and other extras will be added.

We are currently reading through the Catherine Vos Children's Story Bible and plan to continue this. We have only just reached the Children of Israel in the wilderness so there is a fair way to read. Alongside this, Younger Daughter is working on the memory work from the Trinitarian Bible Society Sabbath School Scripture learning prize and we sing a hymn from Our own hymnbook or Psalms and Hymns of Reformed Worship each morning.

Reading: The plan for the initial part of the year is to continue working on Toe by Toe. Finishing this is likely to take into the New Year. Just using Toe by Toe for reading is dry and we also have individual reading time and time for reading to me, as well, as plenty of time for me to read aloud to the children. 

Spelling: I would like to re-start All about Spelling which took a backseat when we started Toe by Toe. There is a limit to the number of phonics programmes it is possibly to use per day! Once, Toe by Toe is finished, we plan to give more attention to spelling with All about Spelling. In the interim, we plan to use the spelling exercises in Galore Park Junior English Book 2.

Writing/Grammar/Comprehension: Galore Park Junior English book 2.

Handwriting: Morrells Handwriting book 3.

Typing: BBC Dance Mat Typing

After some thought, and using a practice printout, we plan to use CIMT year 4. Younger Daughter has liked the format when she has seen her younger brother use CIMT and so hopefully,it will work well for her.

I'm working on my own resources for science, following the themes from the year 3 National Curriculum but with a Christian worldview. Yes, Younger Daughter will be in year 4 but her brother will be in year 2 and I plan to teach them both together. We have started using this over the last term but it needs more work and refining.

Veritas Self-Paced has been a winner here. We have just started the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation course. The children are making scrapbooks to go with this. Younger Daughter is very enthusiastic about hers and has had several ideas to add. We also hope to visit some sites relevant to the course and to add to the literature with some books of our own.

Our home education group is doing a world project, focusing on a different continent each term. We hope to build on this at home.

Younger Daughter did a little Spanish but this has taken a back seat, this year, to concentrate on reading. She has started doing some British Sign Language, with a friend, and has loved this. We hope to continue with the BSL but to do a little Spanish. I have been reading a resource to go with this, review soon!

We plan to continue the piano lessons that Younger Daughter started this year. Music has, otherwise, felt a bit "thin", this year. We have sung most days and plan to continue this but also to add a composer per term. Classics for Kids and Classic FM both have helpful resources on their sites. 

Younger Daughter has some art lessons which we plan to continue. She loves art so we tend to keep a reasonable supply of materials for her to use for her own projects. In addition, I am vacillating between using Artistic Pursuits and the Usborne Complete book of Art Ideas.

Currently, this includes swimming and cycling and the plan is to continue.

Please let me know about any resources that are particularly useful and anything I have missed!

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