Saturday 18 July 2015

A funny sort of rest

We've been away, this last week, for a holiday, in the Peak District.  The downers were a visit to the Minor Injuries Unit  and  phone calls with a paramedic in London. Yes, I did think the care arrangements were secure and well, they probably were but events happen.

Still, the Peak District is beautiful. We have had the usual, even later than usual bedtimes; as well as a child who wants to discuss numbers at 5am.

Anyway, on to the positives.

We spent Sunday at Stanton Lees Chapel where God's Word was clearly preached in a gloriously scenic spot.

Other highlights included Speedwell Caverns which had an underground boat trip through a disused lead mine into a natural cavern which contains the Bottomless Pit-all 11 metres deep.

It is hard to believe outside that the ground it riddled with old workings.

We saw bats, a camel and a toad on a night walk.

Ruined castles at the end of roads.

Eyam, the historic plague village.

The older paintings in the church which date from the Middle Ages and so fitted in well with the children's current history.

And one of the oldest public water systems in the country. If I didn't know otherwise, I would have wondered what caused the plague.

Beautiful Ilam.

Thanks to Middle Son for the last two pictures.

I always wonder whether holidays are worth the effort of arranging cover for caring duties and the stress when things go wrong at home. This year, it has been even more borderline and I really, really don't know whether it wouldn't have been better to go in shifts or one of us take the younger ones away. It seems like sacrilege to say this but the amount of organisation required just becomes silly. Has anyone else ever wondered this?

Anyway, Derbyshire is worth seeing and isn't too far from London.

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  1. I still can't believe how close you were to my house. We love Speedwell -- the tour guide made it great. I am glad that you were able to get away.

    1. Speedwell was a highlight and I agree about the tour guide. Have you been to the other caverns? We didn't really have time but they looked fascinating, too.

  2. I sometimes wonder too, especially when things go wrong. But it's usually discouragement at work instead of gratitude.

    I think it is hard for us to accept that family holidays often aren't really holidays for the organizers. So do be sure to get your rest in some other way! God bless you and give you all the downtime you need.

    1. Yes, I agree about the discouragement vs gratitude. Often, time at home can seem more restful but it is probably good for everyone to see somewhere different sometimes.

  3. Well done to your son for his photography- the one with the trees is beautiful!