Thursday 9 July 2015

July Inspiration

We've just reached the end of our academic year. Whilst I admire those who educate year round, this isn't something that we manage for these reasons:

  • one of our home educated children was in school so expects traditional terms.
  • I'm tired and the children are tired so we are looking forward to a rest.
  • I need time to catch up with the house and garden.
Education is holistic so we don't do nothing in our holidays but turn into something that resembles unschooling more than our usual structure. So far, this has meant signing up for the library reading scheme, a trip on the River Thames,

 sending feedback to Blue Peter, cooking and going to special meetings at church. 

Holiday time is reading time so I was interested to read this post about the best homeschooling books. It doesn't include RC Sproul Jr's book When you rise up which, in my opinion, is a must for Christian home educators.

Se7en has produced a post of some of those questions which people want to ask home educators and yes, it includes socialisation! 

Homeschooling with Dyslexia is an excellent site and worth looking through for anyone who has children who struggle with reading. The post about what to do when Kids hate Reading has some lists of books which might be easier to read. I haven't read all these books so don't take this as an endorsement!

Something for keeping children busy in the summer is Annie Kate's post on Three Computer Games I almost always allow.  We were introduced to Seterra after an earlier post by Annie Kate and have loved the challenge of this on-line geography game.

How to feed your family on about £20 a week is mainly a Facebook page although they also have a website. We are way off £20/week but there are some helpful recipes and a 3 month menu plan. Do you manage to feed your family on that sort of sum? Both this month, and last, I have featured frugal cooking sites but can't say that our food bills are especially low! I'm looking forward to some produce from our garden soon but still doubt that we will eat from £20 per week. Any tips?

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  1. I always enjoy your inspiration posts. I just don't get the time to read blogs other than those who comment on mine (who I always reciprocate), and it is handy to have a list of great posts to look at if I ever have minutes to spare! Thank you for always sharing so generously.

  2. I really appreciated the best homeschooling books post. I' ve just finished reading the RC Sproul jr book you mentioned, and found it really convicting. Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

    1. Thank you. I need to reread the Sproul book-it is the sort of book that I should read once a year!

  3. I don't know that RC Sproul book - will have to find it.

    Its funny, because we find keeping the schedule the same all year round (and most Saturdays too, unless we go hiking) makes things more restful. It might be because that is all they have ever known, or perhaps because they are quite a lot younger, and not yet able to do things unsupervised. It helps all of us, in the mornings at least, if we know it is time for writing, or time for numbers or time for free play....

    Looking forward to hearing more about your summer (I can't believe the year is half gone already!)

    1. Kondwani, I can see how that works and also how having a pattern for the day is more restful. One of the downsides of the holiday is having to think of activities-these might be nothing more than cooking or gardening together or going to the library but having a set pattern to the day avoids a bit of this. Pros and cons either way!

      I'm sure you would appreciate the RC Sproul book.

  4. A trip on the River Thames... How nice! For those of us living in the US and watching Downton Abbey, a trip on the River Thames sounds like a dream. A British dream... Did you take that picture of the London Tower?

    1. It was fun. Hopefully, one day you will be able to have a trip down the Thames, too. Yes, I took the picture-Tower Bridge was so close.