Monday 6 July 2015

Who's not in School

There are many books around directed at children starting school but very few for children who are going to be home educated. In fact, we have made our own scrapbooks for the younger two as they reached about four . I was delighted to see that Ross Mountney has produced a picture book Who's not in School for younger home educated children.

This tells the story of Harry who, along with his two siblings, is home educated. Harry seems to be young, probably nursery or reception age. The book covers  a week of his adventures, both at home and on outings with his family and at home educator groups. 

What we thought about the book:
  • the story is amusing.
  • the illustrations by home educated, James Robinson, are homely and reminiscent of Shirley Hughes. We loved the pictures.
  • the book will appeal to 3-4 year olds who are being home educated.
  • I had some concern that people who don't home educate might think this child was slightly ignored. He seemed to spend most of one morning eating old scraps that he found around the home. Most of us might have resorted to the play dough even if that got eaten too!
If you are planning to home educate or home educating a young child then this book is worth acquiring and a book of this type is most welcome. It would be lovely to have a similar book for slightly older children, perhaps those who have a year or so at school and then start home educating. This could convey some of the potential richness of an education out of school.

This book is published by Birds Nest Books and is free to download on Kindle today and tomorrow (6th and 7th July 2015). A paperback version costs £7.99 on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I acquired this book through the Amazon offer. The opinions are those of myself and my children.

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  1. This looks like a good book- sadly I didn't read your post soon enough for the free kindle offer, but I have put it on my wishlist! The only other book for little homeschoolers that I have heard of is 'I Homeschool' by Nicole Crone of but it uses computer graphics rather than painted illustrations. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Sorry that you didn't get the offer. I hadn't heard about "I homeschool". The other book of which I am aware is "My Mommy, my teacher" by Johanna Bluedorn. It is a beautiful book but rather more Laura Ingalls Wilderesque than our life.