Monday 15 February 2016


On Saturday, we went to the opening of a new building for the Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS). We had a tour round the new building and then went to the thanksgiving service in the warehouse part of the building. A service in a warehouse on a wet, grey day doesn't sound inspiring but it was a most encouraging occasion with around four hundred people meeting to thank God for the provision of the building.

We heard the remarkable circumstances which had led the TBS to be able to acquire an old factory site and redevelop it into purpose built offices and warehouse space for the work of translating and distributing the Bible.

The sermon was from 1 Samuel 7 verse 12
Ebenezer...hitherto hath the Lord helped us.

I was a bit dubious about singing in a large warehouse space but actually the a capella singing was beautiful. The last psalm was the first part of 78. I was really struck by the metrical version and yes, how we want to declare God's works to succeeding generations. May this be the prayer of every Christian parent.

Attend, my people, to my law;
thereto give thou an ear;
The words that from my mouth proceed
attentively do hear.
My mouth shall speak a parable,
and sayings dark of old;
The same which we have heard and known,
and us our fathers told.

We also will them not conceal
from their posterity;
Them to the generation
to come declare will we:
The praises of the Lord our God,
and his almighty strength,
The wondrous works that he hath done,
We will show forth at length.

His testimony and his law
in Israel he did place,
And charged our fathers it to show
to their succeeding race;
That so the race which was to come
might well them learn and know;
And sons unborn, who should arise,
might to their sons them show:

That they might set their hope in God,
and suffer not to fall
His mighty works out of their mind,
but keep his precepts all.

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  1. It sounds like an interesting service. My family has ordered things from TBS USA. :-) I believe that my grandparents used TBS materials when they lived in the UK.