Thursday 18 February 2016

Scotney Castle

This year, we have a family National Trust ticket and are using this to explore history and spend time outside. 

Scotney Castle is in Kent, just off the A21 south of Tunbridge Wells. In many ways it is rather strange. Until the nineteenth century, the Castle was a large home but the then owner decided to rebuild and to have the Castle partially demolished to make a folly. Imagine getting planning permission to do that now. The net result is really two places to visit on one rather beautiful site.

A chocolate box castle

Over half term, there has been a cat burglar quiz in the house. The last owner loved cats and so there are plenty of cat ornaments around the place. 

The last time we visited there was a cat in residence. Sadly, that cat has now died but a new rescue cat arrived at the weekend but was still too nervous to be seen.

The house was furnished as a country home. Some of the books were quite modern which isn't surprising as the last owner died in 2006.

Outside, there was another treasure hunt with stamps which cut shaped holes in paper. I'm sure there is a special name for these type of stamps. They weren't completely effective so we took pictures of some of the stamping points instead.

 I loved this little boat house.

The Castle is surrounded by a moat

and is not completely in ruins and has some functional rooms as well as a priest hole.

We didn't do justice to the grounds today. 

Recommended for its view of history interacts with earlier history; the realism of the house and child friendly grounds. 

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