Thursday 22 June 2017

English Heritage Visit

Today, we visited Apsley House, otherwise known as One London, which was the home of the Duke of Wellington.
Like many other properties, this belongs to English Heritage and we were able to have a free self guided educational visit. This is the first time that we have organised one of these visits for ourselves. Today, I didn't organise a group beyond children as I wanted to see how the system works.

The most daunting part of the visit was filling in the booking form with our educational objectives. My children had been learning about the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars in history so in many ways, this wasn't difficult. I was a bit concerned about how much detail was needed but it seemed to pass muster!

Having booked the visit, I was entitled to a free visit as the educational leader and had the opportunity to pick up a classroom kit

which was aptly stored in Wellington boot shaped bags.

Prior to going, I was a bit concerned about the trip. One of the children doesn't always enjoy historic houses but thanks to a great audio-visual guide and helpful room guides, the trip was a success. The children were keen to do everything on the guide and didn't want to leave a room until all was complete.

More information about English Heritage education visits can be found here.

Disclaimer: These views are my own and those of my children. I was not asked to blog about my experiences. 

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