Wednesday 21 June 2017

Reading Challenge: Half Way Point

This year, I am taking part in the 2017 Christian Reading Challenge. So far, I have changed my mind about books and which part of the challenge I am working towards! My current aim is to try the whole 104 book challenge although I doubt that I will manage them all. At this point, I have read 47 on the list so lagging! The list is here with a list of the categories for the reading challenge underneath the actual list.

Anyway, my thoughts on the challenge

  • It is a push to make me read different genres and one that has been enjoyable.
  • Some books won't fit into the challenge. There are a fair number of a book of your choice slots but I have already filled them. My personal books that are unlikely to fit into the challenge are children's books, educational books and books about dementia. 
  • There are categories which could have been added. For example, a book about ageing.
  • One or two categories have annoyed me, particularly, those where a book from a specific publisher has to be read. 
Anyway, so far the best books are as follows (category in brackets)

  • The Loveliness of Christ by Samuel Rutherford (Christian living). Book of short quotes from letters by Samuel Rutherford. This has made me want to read more of Rutherford's letters. I wish that people wrote letters or emails like this now. 

  • The Bronski House by Philip Marsden (recommended by a family member-thank you to my cousin). This is a book about how two generations of one family had to leave the family home due to war in Poland, in fact a part of Poland that is now Belarus. The style is like poetry and this, and several other books that I have read for the challenge, have allowed me to put a toe into the complexity of Polish recent history. 

  • The English Puritans by John Brown (church history). Lucid explanation of the rise and fall of the English Puritan movement. 

  • Jonathan Edwards by Simonetta Carr (less than 100 pages). Simonetta Carr's books are aimed at children but I always learn from these well presented books.

  • Man Overboard by Sinclair Ferguson (book by Sinclair Ferguson). This book has been on my shelves for more years than I like to remember. In fact, I had read it before when I was a student but have enjoyed the crisp writing and insights. I particularly, found the comments on Jonah finding a ship going to Spain useful. 

  • People with Dementia Speak out  editor Lucy Whitman (book of your choice). I recently gave a seminar at a Pilgrim Friends Conference. Someone in the audience kindly sent me this book which includes a chapter written by his wife. This book contains chapters written by people with dementia about life with dementia and reminding us that they are there and communicating. This is written from a secular perspective and includes people from many different backgrounds but is worth reading by anyone who knows people with dementia.
I would be delighted to have more recommendations! What have you enjoyed reading recently?

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  1. If I were to do the challenge I would choose the Light reader option as follows:
    1 Biography Bitesize Biographies Matthew Henry by Philip H Eveson
    2 Classic Novel The Cricket on the Hearth Dickens
    3 history book The Bible as History Keller
    4 gender based Women of the New Testament Abraham Kuyper
    5 Theology Are we Fundamentalists PeterMasters and referenced book The Fundamentals editor RA Torrey
    6 4oo pages The Reformation in England J Merle dAubigne
    7pastor recommended The Books of Chronicles J G Murphy (recommended by James Clark west hill FCC)
    8 Christian living John Ploughmans Talk CH Spurgeon
    9 more than 100 yrs old Mystery of Providence John Flavel
    10 published in 2017 Tax Guide 2017 David Genders
    11 Children's book A is for Adam Ken Ham
    12 my choice Gospel in genesis Henry Law
    13 current issue Is Natural Selection the same thing as evolution? Georgia Purdom answers in genesis
    I'm sure this will stimulate me to read but I am making no promises!
    Regards Heather

    1. Heather, thank you for these ideas. Mystery of Providence is a book that I was wondering about reading for one of the Puritan slots. I am reading The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment at present for one of these. So far, definitely worth reading although I'm taking the book rather slowly! I can't say the Tax Guide particularly appeals but then you might not like the number of books on dementia that I have slipped in! Gospel in Genesis is a book that I have been meaning to read for years.

    2. Yes the rare jewel is momorable. The tax guide is not particularly interesting but I have to read it for work!