Monday 12 June 2017

Festival of Archaeology

This last Saturday, Younger Daughter and I went up to University College London (UCL) for the annual Festival of Archaeology event. We hadn't been before but found activities for all ages. There was sandpit archaeology for little ones. For older children there was the opportunity to make a plaque to leave for the future,
x-ray fluorescence for the content of objects (my wedding ring was tested!), tea tasting to fit in with the silk road,
making a sand jar

and learning about stratigraphy, a chance to watch flint napping and much more. 

This event is an outlying event of the Festival of Archaeology 2017 which mainly occurs between 15th and 30th July. There are events all over the country and appealing to different ages. There are several that look tempting, and I'm trying not to look at anything outside the south east! 

Has anyone been to these events? Is there anything that you would particularly recommend?

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