Friday 17 February 2012

Fun Science resources

This isn't the be all and end all list of  fun science resources- just some we enjoy. Please do suggest your own favourites in the comments.

Wonderopolis has a daily wonder and facts around this. Not all science related.
Science sparks  has plenty of activities to do at home. Activities cover various ages.
Answers in Genesis is the children’s site from Answers in Genesis.
Nature detectives has ideas for an overwhelming number of ideas. Many based around the great outside.
Potatoes for schools-also open to home educators. This is a scheme run by the Potato Council, in the UK. A potato growing kit is sent out including potatoes, bags in which to grow them, a poster and information.. Registration is now open for 2013. We did this last year although our potatoes were rather tiny compared with some.

Royal Institution -famous for its Christmas lectures but also has other science lectures and demonstrations through the year. These are open to home educators. There are videos of the Christmas lectures on the site.
The London Wildlife Trust has events around the capital which are often either aimed at children or accessible by children. we have enjoyed bat walks and teddy bears' picnic.
I've just joined this Pinterest group around hands-on science. It is run by Julie from Creekside learning. Julie is looking for bloggers who might be interested to join the group. Let her know if you are interested.


Big book of science things to make and do –Usborne. Many activities mainly using household items. We use this book almost every day with the younger children.
This is the volcano demonstration.

Backyard science-Chris Maynard. Activities for the garden.
Mini-scientist in the garden-Lisa Burke. We found the ice sculpture idea in this book.


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  1. Our potatoes just arrived this week after your recommendation last year, thanks! Now I guess I need to register for next year too. Thanks for the list of resources!