Friday 23 March 2012

Spring list

The holidays arrive very soon and I need activities to keep children happy, off computers and not bored. We have the staples of the local park, the library and making dens but I need a list of ideas  for when these pall. If the children develop some absorbing interest that is great and then I won't need all these ideas but just in case, here is my list-feel free to add suggestions. I'm sure that we can do with more.

 Some of these ideas will appeal more to one child than others-the idea is to have plenty of variety, mainly covering ages 3-11. Hope that these ideas may be useful for other people too.


Plant seeds-we've already done some seed sowing this spring but there are plenty more packets waiting planting.

Plant potatoes

Dig garden

Padding pool
Sand pit

Other places outside
See sunrise-we have done this before and from previous experience, Easter is a good time to see a sunrise. Sunrise isn't quite so early as in the summer! Tradition has it that this has to be accompanied by pain au chocolat and hot chocolate.
Bluebell walk
Nature walk
Easter egg hunt
Spring cleaning-yes, everyone can join in, at least for a few minutes!
Kite flying
Local wildlife centre 
Night walk
Bike riding
Different local park

Learn to knit-I have a little girl who has mastered finger knitting and is keen to learn to knit "properly".
Learn to crochet-this is a project for me as well! Hopefully, one or more children can learn with me.
Make hot cross buns
Learn some Easter texts
Read an Easter book
Mandarin afternoon
Science demonstrations
New recipes-these w.ere home made tortillas with flour from our Texan parcel made this week

Going out
Art gallery-I wrote recently about our new books to encourage art trips.
Train trip to friends

I'm sure there are thousands more ideas which haven't quite occurred to me. Do feel free to suggest more-I shall be very grateful!


  1. These sound good- let me know if you need a hand with crochet. I have been doing it for a couple of years.

    Hannah NN

  2. Thank you, Hannah, I may well take you up on this.

  3. I think you have a good list going! I would love to wake early to see the sunrise with my boys! Have fun with all you do!