Monday 4 July 2016

Morning Basket Plans 2016-2017

One of the best parts of the day is our Morning Time. Over the last year, I have gradually increased the items that we do in this time. The most important part of Morning Time is our Bible time but we also use it for subjects such as music and art appreciation which would otherwise be neglected and for extra practice for other topics.

These are some of the things that I hope that we will do in Morning Time next year. This is flexible, we often use this time to talk about topics that come up such as the Referendum or items around a forthcoming trip.

This part of our Morning Time consists of prayer, reading a book about the Bible or doctrine, memory work and singing.

We are currently reading The Child's Story Bible volume 3: The New Testament. This is written by Catherine Vos. We won't quite finish it, before the summer, so hope to finish this book in the autumn.
Once we have finished this, we hope to start The Ology which is a children's theology. These books won't last the whole year. We may well use Jean Stapleton's book God's Special Tent after this. We have used this book before but ages ago and I would like to tackle a model of the tabernacle.

Memory work-the children usually have memory work from Sunday School in the first part of the autumn term. Once they have finished this, we plan to restart the Trinitarian Bible Society memory work scheme. Younger Daughter has already completed the under 10s part of this so would need to go onto the older children's part of the scheme whereas Youngest Son would work on the under 10s section.

Hymn- we usually sing a hymn each morning. Sometimes, we learn a hymn but often the children choose. Next year, I would like to make sure that we learn a new hymn each month. We won't sing it every day but probably 2-3 times a week. The other days, the children can choose.

Painless Grammar and Punctuation
For the last few weeks, I have written a sentence on the blackboard, most mornings and the children have added punctuation and identified parts of speech. This has been a painless way to work on grammar. I hope to continue this but need a book which gives me a framework. Any suggestions?

Other items, will rotate and will happen once a week.

Art Appreciation
I am hoping to use a Charlotte Mason style picture study probably using postcards. Hopefully, it will be possible to tie this in with the period in history that we will be studying (about 1600 to 1850. Having just visited Flatford, I hope to start with Constable. 

Music Appreciation
Again, the plan is to tie this to history and to use the short podcasts from Classics for Kids.

Maths Game
A variety of  board games, items from life and even the odd computer game. This time game is a current favourite.

Nature Study
Either one of the suggestions from Exploring Nature with Children or looking at a Ldaybird book. 

I'm looking forward to our new Morning Time. Please do comment, if you have Morning Time, I would love to know how you arrange this time.

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