Thursday 16 February 2012

Busy days

Some days/weeks just are busy. I've had a bit of a patch so haven't posted much.

Thinking back though it doesn't really compare with April almost three years ago. Then, I had a tiny baby and a toddler, started home education having taken a child out of school, had an elderly relative move in, and all the unpacking that entailed, and had a husband who was just starting his own business from home. God's grace is and was sufficient. I managed on the verses "My grace is sufficient for thee for my strength is made perfect in weakness" and "To you which believe He is precious" plus a very valued sleep on Sunday afternoons while the baby slept.

These thoughts on being busy are much for my own benefit. Please feel free to add in the comments.

  • Things are either important, in which case God's grace is sufficient; or not important and need to be dropped.
  • God has given us 24 hours in a day and yes, we need some for sleep.  He hasn't given us more than this. If the work doesn't fit into the time then some of it is either unnecessary or can be delegated.
  • Pray-I've found on many, many occasions that the impossible volume of work disappears. There is often still a lot to do but the impossibility disappears often in quite unexpected ways.
  • Pray for strength.
  • Whilst it is possible to work well outside our comfort zone, it is important to be aware of when things are too much. For me, this is almost always in the form of becoming miserable.
  • Do the next thing.
  • Make a list but don't be unrealistic. Doubtless, the house needs spring cleaning but it is more important that the children have cheerful mother.

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