Tuesday 13 March 2012

Cultural exchange-Hawaii

Last week, our first cultural exchange parcel arrived, to great excitement. This parcel was from Hawaii.

There was a shell necklace and palm tree keyring. I have a little daughter who has decided that she rather likes the necklace!
Postcards including one of a humpback whale-great for people who enjoy the story of the Snail and the Whale.
More keyrings.
Guava jam-very yummy.
Pencils and another keyring- I had to take the photos fast as there were rather happy and interested children wanting to look at the parcel and its contents
US note and coins.
Macadamia nuts and chocolate-I understand, from the children, that these were really good!

This has been a great way to learn about Hawaii and a way to talk about the shape of the world and how Hawaii is sometimes on one side of the map and sometimes on the other but really in the same place. The fact that it is a US state isn't immediately obvious but when we looked at the map, we wondered whether our parcel had gone via the mainland US or straight here.

Thank you to Rachel at Little Red Farm for arranging the exchange and of course, to the kind family in Hawaii who sent us such an exciting parcel.


  1. What a great way to learn - it sounds much more interesting than the geography lessons I remember at school years ago!

  2. Love it! And your quite welcome, I plan to post our packages soon too! :D

  3. Such a lovely package to receive !
    Little red Farm's Worldwide Cultural Exchange is now the Worldwide Culture Swap and it has its own site ! Don't hesitate to come visit us and give us some feedback on your experience at the following address:

    Thank you for taking part !