Tuesday 6 March 2012

Louis Bleriot and the glorious flight

Some time ago, we "rowed" The Glorious Flight which tells the story of Louis Bleriot's epic flight over the Channel. We followed this up with a trip to Dover.

Yesterday, we had a visit to the RAF Museum in North London. The aim of the trip was to learn about the Second World War from the exhibits and a great interactive session. This fitted in well with Middle Son's work but Miss Belle and Mr Exuberance were excited to see a Bleriot XI-yes, the same type of aeroplane that made that exciting first trip over the Channel.

I thought, at first, that it was the very same machine, sadly not but still very exciting to see. Of course, today, there have been several readings of The Glorious Flight. This book has worked so well for us, not least, because it has been possible to make trips designed for Middle Son's history into something interesting for the younger children. A wonderful book for making history accessible and interesting for younger ones.

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  1. How fun to go see this plane! I love field trips if they tie in really well with a book we are reading. This has been one of my favorite books so far.