Monday 26 March 2012

Cultural exchange-Texas

Our second exciting cultural exchange parcel to arrive came from Texas. Again, there was much excitement.
It was wrapped in those US papers with adverts. I had read so much about these adverts on US thrift sites that it was fascinating to actually look at some.

The parcel contained a letter of introduction from the sending family, with background about the type of area in which they live. I love the letters that have come with the packages-they really make the places come alive.
Leaflets about local attractions.
Tortilla flour which we had fun making into tortillas. We were all really impressed with home made tortillas-must try this again.
US coins
A US flag broach-there was a US flag too. Mr Exuberance is delighted with this and wanders around waving it.
A US pencil
Cowboy and cowgirl activity-great for a little boy who loves to pretend to be a cowboy.

The finished article
A Texas book in the style of Brown bear, brown bear.
Cards showing features of Texas
Pecan nuts-these were my favourite. I hadn't realised that the pecan is one of the symbols of Texas. The pecans came from the garden of the family sending the package and were really yummy in my granola.
Cotton-real cotton from a cotton plant-not something we get to see in England
A postcard from Texas
Again, thank you to the kind family who sent this package. We have all learnt so much about Texas.

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  1. How fun! Thanks for sharing! We just signed up to participate in an exchange.