Saturday 3 March 2012

March inspiration

Spring is coming. It was good to hear a woodpecker in the garden today although yesterday's escapade with a stray dog who had somehow got in was less appealing. I'm working on a list of Spring activities as well as starting one for the long summer break. This list is from the US and so some of the ideas don't apply here in the UK but provides plenty of thoughts which can be adapted. As usual, Nature Detectives has a seasonal booklet full of ideas.

A friend posted a link to this article on Why I'm not cut out to be a home school mom. I guess most home educators feel like this sometimes-I certainly do. Good to have encouragement and a definite need to read for home educating mothers.

Having a child who is learning to read, I jumped at this post by Mom to 2 Post Lil Divas. This has several useful points. I liked the point that my reading is being a reading role model-a good excuse to read a bit more!

My best find, this week, was the website, From wonder... to wisdom. This is the website of an Australian home educator. There is so much useful material here, much has been up for a little while but that doesn't destroy its value. I found the advice on learning French particularly helpful; there are so many ideas to re-enforce what is being taught and websites to go with them. The idea that seems the most useful though is that of using a Bible text calendar in another language. There is much else, as well, it is worth just taking a look round: articles, links, book lists and advice on home educating a wide age range. I've been popping back to this site all week.

If anyone is on Pinterest, do look out the collaborative boards for Learning with literatureHands-on Science and Hands-on history.


  1. Thanks Sarah for the link to From wisdom. There's so much on the sight that's useful and thought provoking.

  2. Rachel, glad you found this useful too.

  3. We use Nature Detectives a lot too:) off to go check out the other links:)

    Thanks for the tip about the plum pudding, my friend didn't mention topping it off with Brandy so I will have to ask her about that when she comes over this week.