Tuesday, 24 April 2012

List mania

There seem to be so many interesting lists,  of a vaguely educational nature, around at present. This is all good, at the beginning of term.

In lieu of preschool has some fascinating lists. I particularly liked the 26 things to talk about in the car (need to memorise this one) and the one about getting children ready to write. There is also a list for getting children to like books but I'm not sure we need that here-I don't want to read aloud all day and all night.

Creekside learning has a list on 10 ways to read more to your children. Why do I want lists about reading aloud more? I did like the poetry teatime idea and after a recent bout of laryngitis, audio books may be the way forward!

National wildlife, from the US has 10 reasons kids need fresh air.

The time has come to learn about Shakespeare and conveniently, when this was on the list to be done this new term, Se7en has a post with the steps they have used to learn about the plays-sounds much more friendly than the way I learnt and quite accessible for younger children.

The Living Math site is full of lists-I want to investigate some maths readers. The Learning math naturally list is full of ideas for maths for younger children. I must put in the disclaimer that we don't just use a "Living math" approach but also use quite conventional textbooks, particularly for Middle Son, however, some of our best maths has been not from texts but living maths: bar charts of birds and favourite colours, the calculations of which garden produce was profitable and the work around making a budget.

Now to implement some of this!

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