Saturday 7 April 2012

Inspirational blogs

It has been a while since I updated my links and looking at the page, before this update, they were certainly in need of some attention. Today, has been an odd day-in bed with laryngitis-but this might be within my current speechlessness. I am limiting myself to 2-3 in each section but plan to expand the links page beyond that.

Please do add your favourites in the comments.

UK Home educators

Pyjama School is the blog of a mother who home educates her two young children. She often has simple ideas that I have used. This post about cutting skills was something that we have copied.

Susanna is a friend and recent home educator who blogs at The berry bush.

Under an English sky-I especially enjoy for the posts about nature study in the UK.

Other Home educators
Se7en is a South Africa site and such a find. I don't know how the Mother Person finds so much energy but there are so many ideas here. Worth a look both for home educators and others wanting out-of-school ideas for their children.

Not a blog but a website, From wisdom has a wealth of ideas and thoughts for home educators. I found the language section particularly helpful.

Thinking kids is a recent find. I love the book lists and most of the posts provide food for thought.

Christian but not relating to home education
Caroline is a UK home educator but the aim of her blog is to "Encourage, and share, with other like-minded ladies who wish to honour the Lord in their role as wife and mother.

On Eagle's wings is written by Christian lady who has had mylagic encephalomyelitis for years. 

There are so many pre-school blogs out there but one of the ones that I enjoy the most, and is by a friend, is The Imagination Tree. We always use the no-cook playdough recipe from here.

Another pre-school blog that I read regularly is Sunhats and Wellie boots. This has plenty of outside activities which always goes down well here.

Just because I like the pictures and domesticity, Pleasant View Schoolhouse

Do share your favourites.


  1. Hi Sarah Elisabeth,

    Thanks for mentioning my blog! What a lovely surprise. I used to live around the corner from mama se7en! She certainly is a very organized mom!

    I thought I would share two links with you
    Attic24 -
    A Yorkshire lass who is very inspiring in her crochet work! Her blog is fun to read too. Dont think she is a Christian though.

    and my favorite
    By Sun and Candlelight -
    Catholic mom in the U.S - her blog is always an inspiration in so many areas!

    Shirley Ann

  2. Thank you-I will enjoy looking at these. Funny that you know the Se7en family.

  3. Thanks for sharing my blog, Sarah! :-) x

  4. Hay Thanks for the shout out - that is so kind of you!!! I keep discovering folk that know of us and it is so funny... friends were visiting in South Asia and stayed with folk that "knew" us!!! Apparently they follow our blog - So love the small world of blogging!!! Anyway, sorry to hear you were ill in bed - that's always grim and I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  5. It is a small world! I'm much better, thanks.