Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pear and ginger crumble

This is a easy dessert which can be prepared ahead and also freezes well.

Ground ginger
Muscavado sugar
Plain flour

Peel and slice pears.
Add ground ginger and brown sugar to taste-most pears are naturally fairly sweet.
If the pears are hard, cover and heat at 150C/350F until soft. This is not necessary for soft pears or if you like a little bite to them.

Make the topping. I'm really bad at measuring and make this entirely by eye, however,I usually use about 1 oz butter/margarine per person.

Mix the fat with oats and flour until it has the consistency of gooey breadcrumbs. I think the secret of success is to be generous with the oats and mean with the flour. Use approximately twice the weight of oats/flour to that of fat. My preference is that at least half of the dry mixture is oats.

Add sugar to taste.
Add topping to fruit and cook at 180C/400F for 20minutes.



  1. "generous with the oats and mean with the flour" That's the kind of measuring I like. :-)

    Looks yummy. Blessings!

  2. I love crumble but normally add cinnamon to the fruit. However I do like ginger, so will have to give your recipe a try. Thank-you.