Monday 11 March 2013

Delight-directed learning

Philosophically we aren't unschoolers. We believe that we should train up a child in the way in which he should go but of course, each child has his or her own gifts. Delight directed learning allows the child discover and improve these gifts and especially, to enjoy learning.

Of course, the children just have to learn to read, learn tables and so on. Sometimes, wrapping these up in something they love can really help.

For each of our children, delight in learning comes in different forms.

For one child, computer related learning is a pleasure. I suspect that much of his learning comes from working things out in his own time: how to edit photographs, documentaries about science, working out how to install programmes, mend a mobile phone that a shop declared beyond repair and even history using a game.

For another child, the word history inspires. This child chose to have her birthday at a re-enactment
and loves days out at historical sites.

For the youngest, exploring construction with toys and books.

Our best country studies have been when we have followed a child's interest in a country. One child wanted to learn about the Netherlands as we have friends there. Another was interested in Sri Lanka having seen a DVD about an orphanage.

Unit studies have been a great way to bring pleasure to learning. Chocolate was a bit of a favourite but more recently castles and knights have proved a hit.

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