Monday 4 March 2013

March inspiration

Suddenly, March is here and only a few weeks to our end of term. We seem to have so many projects at present: restarting Five in a Row, a lapbook to review which ties in so well with one of our Five in a Row books, science with a rather disgusting but hopefully memorable digestion theme park model and so on.

Youngest Son is fascinated by numbers at present. The combination of numbers and water was irresistible  We used the ideas from the Imagination Tree series on maths for exploring capacity with coloured water.

The plastic bottle disappeared at the end only to emerge a few hours later, out of the freezer. Ice is another current interest!

This post from Angelicscalliwags about feudalism contains some fascinating maths as well as a diorama of Medieval life.

So often as parents we have to say "no" but Preschoolers and Peace has an article about saying "yes" more than "no".  I remember my parents talking about this concept and in particular, only saying "no" with a reason.

I'm finding it difficult to fit everything in, so appreciated Annie Kate's article on making the extras work in your homeschool.

Along with the difficulty about finding time, most home educators worry about the gaps. I loved this post pointing out that all education has gaps. I guess most of us can see this, looking back. The travel suggestion is also fascinating.

Finally, some fun with ice, salt and water. Using a block of ice, we sprinkled salt on liberally and then food colouring equally liberally. The salt made deep crevices which filled with colour. Inspiration from the Artful Parent.

This reminded me of an old post about ice sculptures.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I really love your science at the moment. We are going to be doing colour with the preschoolers soon and both those fun activities will fit in perfectly (if you don't mind me stealing them??) especially the salt and ice one - nice demonstration of change of states.

    1. Thank you. Of course, feel free to use them-I borrowed them from others first! Looking forward to hearing more about the pond!

  2. Well, thanks! I hope it's been helpful :)


    1. Yes, a really useful to remember to think to say yes unless there is a good reason.