Friday 22 March 2013

Our day in pictures

It isn't easy to define a typical day. In the last couple of weeks, we have had a play afternoon with a friend, a home education group visit to a Tudor day, a concert and another home education group meeting. However, these are pictures of time around home where the bulk of our work is done.

I'm really bad at pictures of the book parts of education. It might appear that Middle Son did no maths and English which wouldn't be true. It might also appear that Younger Daughter didn't read aloud nor do any maths, again, untrue. 

Thanks to Middle Son for creating this collage.
From top left round clockwise:
CVC words for Youngest Son, Youngest Son and the marble run, Younger Daugher spelling out words, Middle Son and his science, Reading Eggs and a read aloud.

We start our day with God's Word. We memorise a verse:

 Youngest Son and Younger Daughter have plenty of read alouds.

At the mid-morning break, we do a little fun science; this time rolling boiled and raw eggs as well as checking on the progress of the egg left in vinegar.

The brown colour is a thin film and not shell. The general comment was "yuck".

Later, Younger Daughter was completing a lapbook from a Journey through Learning(review coming soon)

and there was an Apologia experiment hypothesising about the amount of fat in different foods. 

We almost didn't go for our park run when we had finished as the weather was cold and drizzly. Still, I think it was worth going.

Mr Mallard fitted in well with our read-aloud
and it is sad to miss an opportunity to dig for treasure.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy a peek into the day of other home educators! :)

    1. Thank you, it is interesting to see a bit about how other home educators' days run. I've often wanted to be a fly on the wall to collect ideas!

  2. It was certainly fun getting a peek in to your school day! Make Way for Ducklings is a favorite around here...even as old as my youngest is now! ;-) LOVE the picture of Mr. Mallard!