Monday 18 March 2013

Mid-morning mini-science

We like having an afternoon of fun science but life has become busy of late. Now that my youngest child is four, it has seemed that we could make a little time mid-morning for a very short science activity. We've always had a 30 minute break half way through the morning. This was essential when we were home educating with a baby and two year old but now, there is a little space for a 10 minute science activity and enough time for my coffee!

This time is particularly useful for Youngest Son who loves these activities and something that is hands-on and especially directed towards him.
Balloon filled with ice-does ice behave like water?

The aims of this time are to

  • introduce some scientific principles
  •  use scientific terminology
  • encourage curiosity about science. 
We don't do any writing during this time although Younger Daughter has some more formal science, at another time, which sometimes involves a little writing.

My criteria for these activities is that they have to be fast and both easy to prepare and tidy up. I usually do the preparation the evening before. The ice activities all took place in this slot and now we are onto some duck related science to go with the book Make way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.

Today's was looking at the effect of covering a raw egg with vinegar. The picture was taken after an hour but then we will leave it alone until tomorrow.

Any short science activity is suitable although they can be grouped into themes for continuity and to encourage learning. 

Ideas for short activities can be found in fun science, Science in the kitchen and Five ice activities. Of course, more ideas are always good!


  1. I am so bad for not doing these kinds of activities. Heading over to the links to get some inspiration!

    Thanks for this :)

    1. There are so many things we don't do but I like science.

  2. Oooh, more science ideas! Wonderful, keep them coming along! PS I love the balloon and ice idea-great stuff!