Friday 16 August 2013

August Inspiration

Summer is flying past. One visit, on the wish list, was to the British Museum and we managed to go, this week.

When my older children were young, I didn't like going to the British Museum as it really didn't seem set up for children but times have changed and they welcome children with some rather well put together activities. We used the Greek backpack. The activities were very suitable for my six year old but Youngest Son, aged four, joined in -putting magnetic pieces on a board went down particularly well.
In the process of looking into this trip, I discovered that the British Museum has pages full of activities for children. 

Youngest Daughter wanted to stay longer. Mosaics were a particularly hit. 

A place that I have never visited is Orkney but this post and the one following, from Playing by the Book, piqued my interest. 

Over a year ago, we discovered that some of the passengers on the Titanic had lived in London and we managed to find their house so Younger Daughter and I were interested to see this post about the Titanic Museum. It even has a replica of the grand staircase and water to feel at the temperature of the Atlantic when the Titanic went down.

Danika Cooley had reviewed a book that we have been enjoying this holiday: Good news for little people: 365 Bible stories.

Finally, the time to start the new academic year is almost here. I'm going through books and putting new exercise books into the drawers so I enjoyed seeing pictures of another family's space for home education especially as it is in their kitchen, not a dedicated "school room."

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