Saturday 31 August 2013

Organising your life!-blog hop

Next week, I'm hoping to take part in a five day blog hop about organising life.

Now to be honest, I need plenty of advice in this area so I'm looking forward to the other posts as well as planning to share a few things that have helped me. 

The topics that we are planning to cover are 

Organising spiritual life. This comes first as it is the most important topic of all. 

Organising laundry is, of course, a far lesser topic but when this isn't organised chaos ensues! 

On Wednesday the subject is about chores. I just need to learn in this area but will be sharing some of my struggles in this area.

Meals are obviously important so there is a day devoted to this. We've changed our diet recently which has been a challenge.

Finally, we look at organisation applied to home education-a large subject on its own.

This blog hop has been arranged by Caroline of the Joyful Keeper. Caroline has worked on all the behind the scenes administration, the banner and much else and of course, will be posting each day.
TheJoyfulKeeper The other people taking part are
Heidi St John of the Busy Mom.


Lisa at the newly relaunched Tales of a Homeschool Family.

These ladies plan to blog for the whole week.

On Monday, Thursday and Friday, Amy of Raising Arrows will be joining the hop.

Heather, of Raising Mighty Arrows, hopes to join us on Wednesday and Friday.


I'm hoping to blog for the whole week.
 photo ccf18340-b672-4005-89cc-ba62353a19f8_zps13c83e20.jpg
Please join us. There will be opportunities to comment and to link up your blog posts around organising life.

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