Tuesday 20 August 2013

Schoolhouse Expo has started!

I've just listened to Heidi St John's talk So you are a new homeschooler: navigating the first three years.

Amazingly, we are now into year five but this was helpful, especially, as we are soon to begin the next school year. It was useful to be reminded to think about why we homeschool, that education is discipleship and that our relationships with our children are so important. Well, yes, I knew already but it is easy to forget and be that stressed mama. Yes, and children of stressed mothers don't learn. So easy to say in August: harder to act on in February when the spellings don't seem to have gone in and the sky is grey.

Anyway, there is plenty more to hear over the next four days. If, like me, you miss talks because the children have to be put to bed then there will be recordings available.

The Schoolhouse Expo site has details of the speakers and their talks.

The Schoolhouse Expo is an on-line home education conference and runs from 19th to 23rd August from 1pm to 8pm Eastern Time (6pm to 1am in the UK). The ticket also includes recordings of the sessions. To book a ticket go to the Schoolhouse Expo Ticket page.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post for which I will receive a ticket to the Expo.

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