Saturday 10 August 2013

Learning more about learning

I wrote a little about this on-line conference, last week, but wanted to tell you a bit more about the speakers.

Schoolhouse Expo

Just recently, after loads of research and thought, we brought a Student Writing Intensive programme for Middle Son, for next year, from Institute of Excellence in Writing. I'm enjoying previewing the lessons so was delighted to find out that Andrew Pudewa of the Institute of Excellence in Writing is going to speak on Teaching boys and other children who would rather make forts all day. This really describes my youngest who becomes school age in September so this is definitely something that I'm hoping to hear.

Textbooks usually  always have some mistakes and often myths. I noticed one, recently, in my son's biology textbook.This myth was around when I was in school and had, I thought, been put to rest but it appears to be live and circulating. So I'm looking forward to Diana Waring and Jay Wile talk about the myths in history and science textbooks.

Jessica Hulcy is speaking about multi-level teaching. My younger two are two years apart so this is definitely another talk that I would like to hear.

Do look at the Schoolhouse Expo site so see more of what is on offer including from the many other speakers.

The Schoolhouse Expo is an on-line home education conference and runs from 19th to 23rd August from 1pm to 8pm Eastern Time (6pm to 1am in the UK). The ticket also includes recordings of the sessions. To book a ticket go to the Schoolhouse Expo Ticket page.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional post for which I will receive a ticket to the Expo.

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