Tuesday 22 April 2014

Philippians in 28 weeks: a review

Home School Adventure Co.
Home School Adventure Co.
publishes a book to help with the memorisation of the New Testament book of Philippians: Philippians in 28 weeks. I reviewed the Authorised Version (King James Version) format of this book as an ebook. The book is 165 pages in length. A Bible is needed to use alongside the book.

As the title suggests the aim of the book is to learn the book of Philippians in 28 weeks. This is accomplished by various methods. The book says that the most important part of the memorisation process is to read the book of Philippians though every day.

The book uses 6Rs

  • Read
  • Record
  • Repeat
  • Review and Recite
  • Retain

The book of Philippians is divided into weekly sections with a review week for each chapter. As well as reading through the whole book each day, other methods are used to help with learning:

  • writing out the book. The section to be learnt that week is copied.
  • questions on the book to be completed
  • a section entitled What have you learned this week about the love of God through reading the book of Philippians?
  • cards which can be printed out to help learning. I printed mine out and laminated them so that they could stand frequent use.

Review and recite
  • The portion for the week is recited to someone else.
At the start of each week, the previous week's memory work is reviewed and recited. At the end of each chapter is a review week,

There is a section for recording and even grading the items. I did use the chart for recording although didn't use the grading system.

The book is designed for use, as a family, by 9-11 year olds and for use more independently, or in a family group, for children aged 12+.

How we used the book
I used the book to help me learn Philippians but also concentrated on learning selections from Philippians with my 5 and 7 year old. They are not yet at the stage where they can read Philippians independently.

What we liked about the book
I had been very uncertain about reading Philippians each day. I can read quite fast and was concerned that if I added another four chapters into my daily reading I would just skim read. In practice, reading the book daily didn't turn out this way. Reading it each day was helpful and I found new riches. There were a few days when I didn't get though the whole book.
Writing out passages always works well for me. In many ways, I would have benefited from doing this more than once.
The children have become much more familiar with portions from this epistle and know some verses quite well.
The log was a useful reminder.

What we didn't like about the book
The complex grading system didn't seem to fit in with how we want to learn God's Word. 
The graphics depict someone who I assume is meant to be the Lord. We do not usually use books with pictures of the Lord as this seems to be contravening the Second Commandment. I didn't print out these pages. There were four pages of these pictures between all the memory card pages. I assume that they are meant to be on the back of the memory cards.

Philippians in 28 weeks is available from Home School Adventure Co in print and e-book format. The KJV form of the book is currently only available as a print book for $28.95 (about £17.25). It is also available using the ESV where an ebook version is also available at $14.95. Stacy Farrell, of Homeschool Adventure Co has offered a 10% discount on any download purchase  until 15th May, using the code CREW-10. This includes the other titles:

  • Philosophy Adventure
  • Mere Christianity: Critical Analysis Journal
  • The Wise Woman: Literacy Analysis Journal.
Home School Adventure Co.

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